Trying Seems to Be an Acceptable Excuse

Trying Seems to Be an Acceptable Excuse for Failing Without Taking Responsibility.

I’m not sure when the whole dislike for trying crept into my head. Perhaps it was when I was teaching young people how to cook and when things did not work out they would say “yeah, but at least I tried”. Meanwhile the mushroom soup tastes like yukky water.

It seems to me that when I make mushroom soup it needs to taste delicious and like mushrooms. If it does not taste like this then I need to make some adjustments until it does taste delicious.

If I say I tried and leave it at that then the soup is horrible and I have passed on the responsibility because I have said well at least I tried.

If the soup is horrible and I say “that is not the result I am looking for” then in my mind I need to look for a better result. I won’t look for a better result until I take responsibility. I tried seems to be a ready-made excuse for not taking responsibility and for quitting with the task at hand.

Often, we tell our children just try your best and if they do not achieve that which they tried then we can say well at least he tried, what more can he do?

I thought that if two things changed we might be better off.

The first thing is that not achieving something is just a natural part of the learning curve and as such welcomed. When we welcome not achieving something and see it as a result that dictates our next action then we are moving along the path to success.

Anthony Robbins once said, “If you can’t, you must. If you must, you can.”
When it comes to taking control of life, successful people do not try. They make taking control a must. Think of a time when something in your life became a must. You just had to do it. There were no ifs, buts, or maybes.

When you absolutely have to do something, you just do it. Try never comes into the equation

“I’m trying, Kevin, but I just can’t get my business off the ground.” or “Kevin, I am trying to compete in the Olympics, but I can’t seem to qualify.” Every time I hear the word “try,” the term “definite maybe” comes to my mind. When you say the word “try,” you are already implying you will not do it.

I want you try and say your name to yourself. GO ON SAY IT.

Did you do it? Did you say your name?

You either said your name, or you didn’t. There were no ifs, buts, or maybes.
Humor me for a second. Ever tried to go to the bathroom when nature calls? I’m talking about when it really calls. Or did you somehow make it happen? You get there one way or another because it is a must for you. It just happens. You do your business.

Think of women in general for a second. All of us have or have had Mums at some point and time. Did they try to bring us into this world? No, they just did it.
If someone you care about is in danger, do you try to help them, or do you just get on and do it?

Either you do or you don’t. It’s that simple. In the words of Nike, “Just Do It.”
What I am getting at is that the word “try” shouldn’t even exist. In fact, if I had it my way, I would make the use of the word “try” illegal. Ban it from your vocabulary. Make everything that is important in your life a must.

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