Procrastinator? Not motivated? Fear of S

Procrastinator? Not motivated? Fear of Success or Failure? Check it out:

Sometimes when it comes to procrastination the reason can be that you are just not motivated or inspired enough to do it.

Ask yourself this; if your life or the life of the person you love the most depended on getting this task completed what would you do first and how would you feel about it. You see sometimes we have a negative Nelly in the back of our minds giving us some rational for not being motivated. Your task is to identify what this negative Nelly is saying and then reframe it. Years ago, I used to hate jogging and would jog like my legs were made of lead and my lungs were no bigger than an egg cup, but if I saw a pretty lady jogging towards me all of a sudden I would pick up pace and increase my breathing and jog like I was made for it. Silly, isn’t it? I’m not particularly proud of that but I did realize that we always have so much more ability than we sometimes give ourselves credit for. Use your imagination to reframe that lack of motivation and give yourself some reason to get going now.

Feel free to add a nice little reward to yourself once the task is done as well.
If you have identified that you have a fear of failure then you need to get a clear picture of what is going to happen if you do not accomplish this task you are procrastinating on. If it is that you will have to go in front of your boss and get a talking to then imagine that as clear as you can and then shrink the picture in your mind until it is the size of a small dot and then vanishes completely. Do this over and over again so that your mind totally erases the picture you have of being a failure. Now imagine what would happen if you got the task done early and took it into your boss. See yourself getting the accolades from her and feel that warm glow of success and accomplishment. Repeat that image often and grow the picture so everything is bigger and brighter and more wonderful. With that clear picture of success get started on the project. Should that negative image creep back in then tell it to leave and replace the picture in your head with the wonderful picture of success you painted for yourself. Practice this often it is really amazing how it works.

If you have a fear of success it is probably because you have an image of you not being worthy of completing this task and whatever it is that goes along with completing it. Once again you can use the imaging exercise above and see you as being worthy of the success. Repeat the image you invent for yourself over and over again until that is the only image the brain has for that situation.

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