If I Gave You $86,000 & You Had to Spend

If I Gave You $86,000 & You Had to Spend It Every Day … Would You Be Wise?

Have you ever thought if someone gave you some money; say deposited $86,400 into your bank every day and you HAD to spend it all, every day, what would you do with it? You cannot save any of it as it will disappear at midnight. Would you think carefully about how you spent it?

Did you know we get 86,400 seconds every day? How do you spend those seconds? Do you spend them wisely?

So many of us lose so many of those seconds because we are not prepared, we don’t have any goals or are not as organized as we could be. We don’t have to work for the majority of those, but think about how much more time you could have to yourself if you have more control over your time! Being able to plan your day effectively will allow you to have more control of your life and allow you to enjoy life more, to become more successful.

Planning for your success is so important in life. Many people just presume that success will come and blindly wait around for this to happen. It doesn’t! In order to be successful we need to create a life map. Just as we would when we go on a trip, we need to plan. How much more important is ‘life’s journey’ than a trip to anywhere – yet so many of us wander through life randomly.

If you take some time to write your goals and plan your life you can start to control your future. Start by planning big goals. Thinking about what you want to achieve in life for your professional life, your health, your spiritual life and your personal life. Come up with a plan for the next year, a five-year plan and a ten-year plan.

There are many tools around that can help you. Start to manage your time and enjoy your 86,000 seconds every day. http://ow.ly/i/FQYdL

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