Why You Need to Know Your Own Mission St

Why You Need to Know Your Own Mission Statement.

Do you ever feel like you are so busy, but you are not getting all the things done that you need to get done?

Maybe you feel like you are being pulled in too many directions and would love to just focus on fewer vectors? Either way it’s just too much.

This generally comes about because we are not sure what we are about or where we are going so we just get busy with whatever is directly in front of us.
I have been in the same boat many times. My intentions when I get busy with things that detract from getting everything done are good, but they are not the right ones.

I see an article and I’ll read it because it needs reading and I know I will benefit from the knowledge. I just check face book and other social media to see who is doing what so that I can stay in the loop. I’ll just read that article advertised on Google plus because I may be able to share it with my tribe and so on and so on.

In the sixties the Swiss watch industry, which dominated the world was convinced they were in the watch building industry, but they lost a massive percentage of their market to Japan and the quartz digital display watches because they did not recognize that they were in the time telling business.

Yes, there are people that want the finely engineered gold watches the Swiss are so proud of, yet most people just want to tell the time. They did not keep the main thing the main thing. And it cost them massively.

After World War II, with the advent of the American dream it became possible to fly to other major cities instead of having to take the train. The railway industry knew everything there was to know about moving people from one place to another and were uniquely positioned to take their knowledge to the airways with the new planes that were being built in the early sixties.

Unfortunately, they thought they were in the railway industry and not the People moving business. This left the door wide open for new companies such as Eastern Airlines, Pan American Airways and many others to take over the people moving business.

Not knowing what the main thing is and not keeping the main thing the main thing can be costly to large corporations and yet the same ideas apply to us as individuals.

The challenge is that we need to be able to prioritize our activities and then spend time only on the things we have prioritized in the appropriate order.
This Is where a personal mission statement can come in really useful. Our personal mission statement gives us the direction we need in life.

My own Personal mission statement is I am the possibility of all people reaching their full potential. Through listening, sharing and caring, and believing that the smallest input can make the biggest difference.

So, I do not get involved in activities that do not result in outcomes that are compatible with my mission statement.

Once we take the time to write out our mission statement it helps us know who we are and what we are really about. You can do this for free at http://www.franklincovey.com/msb/

Along with a personal mission statement, it is important to have some key life goals that you are working towards. I shall be writing separate articles on goals and goal setting at a future date.

Once you have done this ground work then you will want to spend some time every day on the most important goals and make sure that they are aligned with your mission. By doing this you are keeping the main thing the main thing. The power of this is that you can now say no to activities that do not fit in with your plan.

Well, probably not a flat no! “Thank you for thinking of me but I will not be able to participate at this time, I do wish you good luck with your project” sounds so much nicer.

As distractions arise and people want you to be a part of their goals, you can gracefully decline if the activity does not suit you and spend the time on your own goals following the guidelines of your won mission statement. http://ow.ly/i/EKvhj

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