You Need This Proven Zinger to Get More

You Need This Proven Zinger to Get More Done!

For those of us who are eager to accomplish many things on our day a to-do list is the way to go.

We thoughtfully put all the items we would like to complete in the day on a list and then we go at them hell for leather all day to get them done.

By following this regimen, we believe we will successfully move forward in our lives and have room for plenty of re-energizing “me time” at the end of the day.
The trouble with this is that more often than not at the end of the day it seems we have not stopped being busy and yet the list hardly seems to have been dented with check marks!

One of the keys to accomplishing more meaningful tasks in the day is to use the ABC 123 zinger to prioritize your list. I know it can be a pain to give a lot of thought to a to-do list but believe me it is not as painful as not giving it sufficient thought. So how do we do this?

The first step is to always have your list prepared and prioritized the night before. This way when you arise in the morning and get going with all your energy and enthusiasm you do not have to think, you just follow the plan set the night before.

So how to prioritize?

Be sure that you have your written SMART goals handy as well as your daily planner.

Now put time in your planner for the things you MUST do to get through the day such as feed the kids, drop the kids off, eat breakfast, pick the kids up, house work, meals, daily chores such as walk the dog, get the kids back packs ready, exercise, etc.

Unfortunately, many of us do not put these things our planner so we believe we have more time available to us than we do.

Often it is not necessary to put these daily routine items on the to-do list because we do them automatically, however it is very important to block out the appropriate amount of time in our calendar.

I have found that Google calendar does this very well and I only have to put the entry in once and then complete the appropriate “repeat” function to make multiple entries into the future.

Google calendar allows you to color code your items which also makes it easier when looking at the calendar to see how your day is going.

Next, look at your to-do list and look at your goals and make sure that whatever your daily task might be to help you reach those long-term goals is marked with an “A”.

So often we do not achieve our goals or resolutions because we see them as a large achievement somewhere “out there”.

When we break those goals down into daily actions, -not all need to be addressed every day, but they do need to be addressed- then we will find that we start getting closer to achieving them.

So instead of spending our time on minutiae and “busy-ness” we at least work towards our serious life accomplishments on a regular basis.

Look at your to-do list again and now write a “B” next to the things that need to be done but not necessarily today. This could include getting the car washed or picking up some supplies from the pharmacy for example.

The “C” s written next to the things on our list that we would like to do but our daily life quality will not be affected if they are put off for a while.

Once the list has been prioritized with A, B and C the next task is to go to all the A’s and give them a priority order by putting a number beside the A such as A1, A2, A3 and so on. Do this numerical exercise for all of the letters.

The last step before getting started is to now take the top three items on your list and give them an amount of time necessary for you to work on them and then transfer that time block into your planner.

If A1 is review the household budget and account for all spending this month and you need on hour for that, then put “Budget” in a one-hour block on your planner say from 10:00 to 11:00 AM. Do this for the top three items on your to-do list.
The key now is to work from your planner and not your to-do list.

This way rather than wondering what to do next, which often happens when following the list, you now have a commitment and time frame in your planner so just follow the plan. When you complete something early, or have an open window of time you can now go back to your to-do list and tackle the next prioritized item.

Be sure to put your coffee break and 15-minute reading time in the planner as well so this way you get some me time daily and keep away the stress from feeling overwhelmed.

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